Vanishing Point: Preloved records

Corey Lavender, lives in Somersall and has been a Chesterfield resident since 1980.

“I opened Vanishing Point Records in 2016 and have been a presenter on Radio Free Matlock since November 2017 which you can listen to at”

What do you sell?

“At Vanishing Point Records we sell second-hand (although we prefer the term “Pre-Loved”) records (vinyl?) of, most, if not all, genres of music ranging from the 1950’s to present day, on both albums and singles. We also do a small range of new releases which we are looking to expand very soon. In addition we also sell some music related artwork and limited edition run t-shirts.”

How did you get to open your own business?

“The idea for VPR started whilst I was walking the Camino De Santiago in 2016. I’m not entirely sure when… but somewhere on the 500 mile walk across Spain I went from being not sure what to do next in my life, to being a record store owner even if at that point I still didn’t have premises or indeed enough records I wanted to sell.”

What’s your background?

“I’d spent 23 years working at Shorts Chartered Accountants in Chesterfield, starting as a fresh-faced office junior  in 1993 and ending as a (slightly) less fresh faced manager of their Payroll Department in 2016. Although I enjoyed the job, loved my team there and had some awesome clients, I had itchy feet for some travelling and other ideas I wanted to pursue. The firm are still very much on my radar though as they helped me out when starting the business.

“All throughout my life I’ve always had a love (obsession actually) for music, building up a huge collection of stuff I would never sell including my ticket stubs from the 50 times I’ve seen Bob Dylan play all over the world (see the “obsession” comment above).”

How do you select your products?

“For the second-hand stuff, it’s mainly down to what people bring in. If it’s in good condition and it looks interesting I’ll give it a go. For new releases I usually stay with Electronica and Soundtracks, purely because that’s my current passion. The artwork comes from Barry Thompson, Arts & Minds in Killamarsh, he’s a super talented artist with such a unique style. Barry loves his music and produces really cool music related art, which we’re very proud to showcase in the store.”

What’s the most important difference between you and the retail chains?

“The chains just don’t sell what we offer. Many of the releases from yesteryear haven’t been pressed onto new vinyl, so you’ll only find them in awesome Independent record stores.

“We also have a personal connection with many of our returning customers, in our first 2 years of trading many have become friends. They’ll pop in for a browse and a chat and they’ll tell like-minded people about us. 

“I also offer people the opportunity to pick tunes for our Wednesday night radio show…as long as they’re good! And if I’m doing an interview for the radio show in the store, you might get to meet these talented music people whilst you shop!”

What’s next?

“I’m looking to keep growing the business and improve the online shopping option. But my main aim is to keep meeting the amazing people I’ve been lucky to stumble across these last two years.”