Saturday 24 June was one day I won’t forget in a hurry! The town centre was buzzing, it was the first time Unhampered Live had come together to put on live acts across town on the same day that Peddler Market took up the first of their three resident slots in new Square, Chesterfield. If you missed it make a note of 15th – 16th September and 17th – 18th November when Peddler will be setting up their excellent Market in New Square again.



Acoustic sounds, readings and events popped up in shops, bars and street locations as the sun shone and helped create something special for a few hours in town.

Pictured; Peter Hallsworth (Vintage Tea Rooms), Cow Boys Burgers (Peddler Market), Beverley Ward (Shambles – Adorn), James Scanlan (The Rutland).


It was great to see Unhampered members Pizza Pi with a stall in Peddler Market and serving Pizzas as people watched Glastenbury at Vicar Lane, Vanishing Point Records had a raffle for customers throughout the day, Adorn Jewellery hosted spoken word in the Shambles, Cheese Factor had a cheese and wine evening, and the highlight of the day for me was My Pleasure performing in Tallbird Records with some free beers donated by Matt from Ginspired.

Pictured; Sam BK (Society), Ash Gray & The Burners (Chesterfield Arms), Joe & Izzie Peall (Qoozies).


It was a very busy day and the atmosphere in town was fantastic. The Unhampered events were extremely well received and fill us full of confidence for future events. A huge thanks to everyone who attended an event and then to the performers who gave up their time for free to bring something special to town. Watch the Unhampered website and follow the socials below for future events.

Pictured; My Pleasure (Tallbird Records), Stu Rickards (Falcon Yard), Beers (Ginspired).

Words: Paul Chapman (S40 Local)
Image: Matt Pritchard (Defeye Creative)