Another great, independent business in Chesterfield’s Market Hall.

The great thing about what we do at Unhampered is that we get to discover amazing businesses and the people behind them on a regular basis. Over the last few years, one of our favourite new businesses in the town has been Ginspired (read into that what you will). 

Based in Chesterfield’s lovely Market Hall if you like a gin with a difference you’d better call in as they will definitely have something to wet your whistle… and it’s not only gins, they have a fantastic selection of fine Irish and Scottish whiskies, Caribbean rums, bourbons, craft beer and real ales.

The business is owned and run by Darren White and Matt Darken. The pair met in a craft ale business Matt had set up in Dronfield, Daz would call in for a beer to catch up and strangely he found himself calling in quite frequently. A friendship developed, and new ideas were discussed.



Next stop Buxton, Matt saw premises that would give him the opportunity to open a craft beer and real ale store. It was here that Matt refined his model store and The Beer District (great name, that) has been successfully serving the residents of Buxton since November 2018, so if you’re ever in Buxton, please call in.

Darren came in as a business partner and left his career in print to help run the store. The pair have been driving across to the far side of the Peak District for a while and started to look a bit closer to home for a business that would make the commute some days a bit shorter.

“The unit in the Market Hall is a gem of local spirits and a growing collection of ales,” enthuses Daz, adding, “there really isn’t anything like it in Chesterfield.”

“The majority of our gins and beers are all sourced locally, the whiskies and bourbons come from further afield – whiskies from Scotland, bourbons from around the States.”

“We have a great range, but if there is something particular you’d like, we’ll do our very best to source it. If you like a particular flavour or taste, again, let us know and we’ll serve up a few options for you that you may not have tried.”



Whilst we’ve been in the store, one or two of their regular customers usually call in and chat to Daz or Matt about what they liked and products they’d purchased from them previously. They always carefully considered their feedback and offer some clear advice about new products to try. They make the suggested purchases, and will no doubt be back to try more, a friendly local service from a business owner who takes the time to listen to his customers.

As well as being there to support people’s love for their spirits, Ginspired is a great place for gifts, a gin from the Rhubarb Triangle for mum’s birthday, perhaps? 

“Rums are becoming popular, they outsold whiskey last Christmas, which was a surprise but something that has led us to respond and seek out some great products to support this local demand.

“Our ales are all of great quality, bottle conditioned to ensure they are perfect when poured and from an ever-expanding range of small independents.”

“We get customers saying, ‘I’ve never heard of any of these’, and that’s exactly what we want to hear,” says Daz. That kind of sums up what inspires Ginspired, as I see it. A range that’s not the norm, is unique, expertly sourced and of the highest quality and will cater for all who call in.